Thursday, December 31, 2009

Things That Make You Go "hmmmm...."

I decided to do a quick post while I work on our holiday rundown for the blog. Greg and I left Flagstaff on Monday afternoon and got home to Santa Monica around 10pm. Nothing says welcome home quite like having your locks changed. Yup that's right, while we were away on holiday our building manager took it upon himself to change our outside access door's locks..."hmmmm." After we tried every door in the building we resorted to some good ol' pounding and were delighted that our neighbor Tom was still up watching Monday Night Football. I am not a huge football fan but that night I was singing it's praises! Once we got into our apartment we found a lovely note from our building manager letting us know that he had changed the locks and here were two new keys...I don't know how we were supposed to get the keys without being able to get in the building but, maybe I should let that slide.
While we were in Flagstaff we had our mail on hold and they were supposed to deliver it to our house starting on Tuesday, however when I spoke to the mail man about not receiving our mail yet, his reply was that I would need to pick it up because "there was mail"..."hmmmm."
Finally on our way to the farmers market yesterday there was a note from FedEx on the outside access door for a failed delivery attempt, the reason? "Couldn't get in."

Here is to some common sense in the new year!

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  1. It's a good thing you guys have a good attitude!!!
    All that would completely stress out some people.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Love grandma