Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Want to see something neat?

This fortress was by the Inca's and overlooks Cusco. It's name is Sacsayhuman, pronounced sexy woman. Not only is the view amazing but the stones that the fortress was built from are H-U-G-E...don't believe me?

Not only are the stones H-U-G-E, but they were all cut, shaped and brought to their spots. I have decided that I am a big fan of the Incan's, they amaze me.

Aside from visiting ruins, Greg and I also went for a tour of the Sacred Valley and visited local markets.

Greg and Me on the bus to the Sacred Valley.

Outdoor market where...

Greg bought a hat.

Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Pisac market.

Dye for sale, at the Pisac market.

Fruit for sale at the Pisac market.

I am going to go eat a banana on the look out for the conclusion to our Sacred Valley tour.


  1. It boggles the mind how they transported those big stones and fit them together so perfectly. It's easy to think of the past as ignorant, but they knew things we can't even imagine were possible without our machines and computers.
    Great hat, Greg!

  2. Great pictures, so bright, and they print perfectly
    on my printer for in your album. Don't lose that hat
    Greg, it is "YOU".