Monday, June 11, 2012

Mom Moments

Well yesterday was Cora's three week birthday.  It is crazy how much changes when you have a baby.  I am not complaining just noticing that there are some very big differences between my life ten months ago and my life today.  For example ten months ago I never would have forgotten that I was wearing my slippers and walked out the front door.  Ten months ago I would have noticed that my shirt was on inside out way before my sister had to tell me.  Ten months ago I would be one of the people sleeping right now instead of sitting in the dining room while the rest of the house is sleeping writing a blog post, because when else is it going to get written.  Ten months ago I was in nursing school.  I am still processing through the last one, I am not quite sure how I feel about not going back this fall (they didn't give me much of a choice, but that is a whole other post.)  I can't remember the last time I turned on the TV and watched the Cubs, or How I Met Your Mother, there just doesn't seem to be time. Also I hate being late to anything, I prefer to be super early than late but since Miss. Cora arrived I seem to be leaving the house when I am supposed to be somewhere.  I have started to figure out how long it takes me to get out of the house with her, so hopefully I will be back to my early self soon.  Being a mom has changed so much in my life and part of me is mourning my old life, looking back it was pretty great.  I am glad that I didn't take for granted the ten years Greg and I spent just being a couple and now I am determined not to take this new adventure for granted either.  Here are some pictures from the new adventure we are is pretty great. 

PS: I started this post on Saturday, but am just now getting around to publishing it. 


  1. Oh my gosh! She already has such a personality! You can just see it shining through those photos!

    I'm glad to hear you are doing so well though. Yes, motherhood takes some getting used to, and it normal to mourn your past life- not just now, trust me, you'll relapse sometimes. :)

    An adventure is a great way to look at it, you're right! :)

  2. She's super-precious! Welcome to the Adventure Club! ;)

  3. What a little doll. Looks like both of you. Can't wait to see her.
    That 10 years sure flew by and gave you a great start towards a big