Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Visitors From Far Away

Well this past weekend was another busy one for Greg and me. My little sister and her boyfriend flew in from Flagstaff for the weekend, and after going to Venice Beach on Friday, we all drove down to San Diego for a concert on Saturday. We had such a great time with them, and were even lucky enough to get a 28" pizza courtesy of Greg who really wanted one! Let me just say that no...we did not even get close to finishing it. We also went to Cabrillo National Monument where all of us were almost swept out to sea by a couple of the biggest waves I have ever seen. Sadly it was a quick trip and so Bette (my little sister) and Dustin (Bette's boyfriend) had to fly back to good old Flagstaff on Sunday. On the way to LAX we stopped by Mission San Juan Capistrano, it was an incredibly beautiful place and we really enjoyed walking the grounds and taking pictures. It wasn't too hard to say good bye to Bette and Dustin this time though...we will be seeing them this weekend on our annual Halloween camping trip! Keep an eye out for some pictures of that next week!

P.S. We are still playing 20 Questions so please leave your "yes" or "no" questions in the comment portion of this blog!


Maybe a little too much wave?

Yup, 28" doesn't seem that big when you are hungry...but at least he is happy!


Pure bliss!

In case you were wondering, the chairs in hotel rooms are put in there to keep the mini fridge door shut when a 28" pizza is trying to escape!

The bells at Mission San Juan Capistrano, such a peaceful and beautiful place.

Bette and Dustin at the Mission.


  1. Are you going south of the equator??
    grandpa wants to know. grandma

  2. That pizza makes my mouth water! Looks yummy!